February 26, 2019



We exist to empower vulnerable and poor children to live a life beyond poverty.’


‘We exist to mobilize the church to empower holistically and transform the lives of poor and vulnerable children in Kenya.’


Wing It Up Kenya began as a casual conversation between the founders on an evening in June 2016. The conversation was a throwback on the kind of life that the two had survived from the slums of Nyalenda in Kisumu County, Kenya. There was a mutual agreement that had it not been the intervention of God Himself, working through charity programs and individuals in churches, they would have turned out totally different. On this premise, they realized that there was a need to ensure continuity in ensuring that even more children living in worse conditions got to benefit from such initiatives.

Having been empowered, the founders decided to take up the challenge. They did introspection on their lives and identified Menstrual Health Management and HIV/AIDS as the two most pressing issues they were passionate about. They therefore embarked on a mission to design a holistic curricular based program that would address these two issues.

The team took a leap of faith and approached a local church called Nyalenda Baptist Church having realized that the church would be an integral cog if the organization was going to have any impact in the community.

And so with just 14 girls recruited from the surrounding community, the organization begun its operations on a pilot basis on July 1st, 2016.

The organization was officially registered with the Government of Kenya as a Community Based Organization on October 19th, 2016.


The organization runs 3 programs:

  1. The Dignity Program
  2. The Empowerment Program
  3. The Feeding Program

Our Operations

At Wing It Up, we believe that children are the pride of a nation and the hope of a country. In order to safe – guard the future of Kenya, and especially the endangered girl child, we believe that the church is best placed to play this integral role of protector. In response to the great commission the church has a duty to work hand in hand with the parents or caregivers. Our goal is to initiate partnerships with churches in every needy area in Kenya, followed by other areas of Africa.  We seek out churches that are located in areas with high orphan occurrence rates, high concentrations of poverty, and high population densities. In each community, WING IT UP CBO and the local church sign a partnership agreement detailing the responsibilities of each partner. A church that has entered into an agreement with us is known as a Center.

Each Centre is run by 3 centre staff that are certified and trained by the organization. These staff members work full time in order to ensure the well-being of the girls. They include a qualified child counselor, a health worker to ensure they are physically healthy and an empowerment officer. Together, they guide each client through a three- step process.

During recruitment, every child must bring a copy of their birth certificate to ascertain their ages and must be accompanied by their caregivers, whether the parents or the guardians in order to get their consent so as to introduce the children into the program.

Each child receives a physical assessment, as well as an assessment of their family and living situation, so their progress can be monitored.

The girls are then provided with at least 2 packets of sanitary towels so as to take care of their menstrual needs. The children are taught about personal hygiene and sanitation during this period and are engaged in an open group therapy forum where the intricacies of the menstrual health are discussed and emerging issues addressed by our counselors.

The girls are taken through Bible classes every center day. Wing It Up CBO believes in the scripture that says that teach a child in a way he should go; and when he is grown, he will not depart from it [Proverbs 22:6]. We therefore take this opportunity to introduce these young minds and souls to Christ and to the narrow path that leads to eternal life. Our counselors are in charge of these sessions. The children also get to have one on one counseling sessions and group therapy sessions if need be.

The children are provided with all the 2 meals in a day during a centre day. Most of the children from the slums barely have enough from their homes and therefore we place great emphasis on proper balanced diet as a first step.

The goal is to have the girls come to the centers every Saturday from 8 am up to 4 pm so as to have enough time with them to take them through our activities.

In order to track the progress of the child, every child has a file created with a number attached to it for easy identification. Once a child is lucky enough to be picked by a sponsor to cater for her education, the sponsor shall be able to access the child’s file and monitor her child’s progress in a holistic manner in all domains of the child’s life. T

We are looking for support from local and international friends and we believe that our breakthrough shall come to pass.

Ministry Outcomes

Wing It Up CBO and the church partner are mutually committed to co-laboring towards the following outcome:

The Feeding Program

In the life of the child, we seek to support and achieve the following outcomes so that upon transitioning from the program we will realize the following:

  • The Child is physically healthy and is free of disease
  • The Child exhibits healthy relationships, is curious, interacts with the world and communicates experiences.
  • The Child exuded self-confidence and has a boosted self-esteem.
  • The caregiver is sufficiently healthy to provide for the child’s well-being.
  • The caregiver exhibits the motivation to be economically independent.
  • The caregiver demonstrates a commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Empowerment and Dignity Program

In the life of the child we seek to support and achieve the following outcomes so that upon transitioning:

  • The Child demonstrates a commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • The Child chooses good and healthy practices and is physically healthy
  • Exhibits the motivation and skills to be economically self-supporting.
  • Interacts with other people in a healthy manner.

The Sponsors

In the life of the sponsor we seek to achieve and support the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to child advocacy
  • Has a positive Wing It Up experience
  • Engages in their Wing It Up Commitment.

The Partner Church

In the life of the partner church, we seek to support and achieve the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrates effective vision and leadership.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to fulfilling the great commission.
  • Exhibits a commitment to servant leadership
  • Mobilizes resources
  • Reflects local ownership of the program.